• School Counseling Practicum and Internship Placement Procedures


    The Office of Student Services (hereafter cited as SS) oversees the placement of school counseling practicum and internship students. Henry County Schools only places candidates pursuing a Masters degree, or higher, in School Counseling. Intern and practicum candidates should not contact local schools directly. All initial inquiries are to follow the following procedures.


    First Steps:


    The HCS Human Resources (HR) Department will coordinate with the college/university placement coordinator for candidates from these schools. All paperwork will be exchanged directly between the college/university and HCS Human Resources. The HR Department retains a list of colleges that have a participation agreement with HCS. More information can be located on our Human Resources webpage. Click here for required information and forms.

    Second Steps:
    • Upon approval the Director of Advisement and Counseling Services will contact the intern or practicum student for an appointment to discuss District protocols and facilitate an orientation.

    • The Director of Advisement and Counseling Services will contact the school principal and school counselor for site based approval.