• Academic Coursework
    Each year middle school students are required to complete course work in each of the core academic areas, English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  Successful promotion from grade to grade is in part contingent upon passing the academic classes. Active participation in each of these classes is essential preparation for continued studies in high school and post-secondary work.  The curriculum, pacing, and content expectations for each of these classes can be located at the links below.
    Connections Courses
    All middle schools in Henry County offer an array of connections courses aimed at broadening and enriching the educational experience through career and arts exploration.  The offerings of these course may vary from school to school based on available space and building specification.  These classes can range in length from a 9-week marking period to a semester to a full year.  Students will have some choice in selecting the available connections classes, particularly those that have a performance expectation such as chorus or band, but in many cases students will engage in the classes on a rotational basis.