• Transfer Students
    Students who transfer from another state, district, or from another educational setting are required to meet the criteria for promotion outlined in this guide.  Transfer information must be received from an accredited institution.  Please see HCS Board of Education policy JCBD for a list of acceptable accrediting sources.  All classes in the middle school program report grades as a numerical value as received from the issuing school.   The only exception to this will be in cases when a student enrolls with a grade less then 70 that is considered passing by the issuing institution.  
    For those student who transfer in with a letter grade only, those grades will be converted to a numerical average according to the chart below:
     A+ = 98  A = 95 A- = 93 
     B+ =  88B = 85 B- = 83 
    C+ = 78 C = 75  C- = 74
     D+ = 73D = 71  D- = 70
     F = Below 70  
    Those students that transfer into the school who do not have educational records or are transferring from a non-accredited school/institution will be tested to determine their proper academic placement.