• Seven Henry County High Schools granted approval to award the Georgia Department of Education: International Skills Diploma Seal to graduates and honored by State Superintendent Richard Woods

    Congratulations to Dutchtown High School, Eagle's Landing High School, Hampton High School, Locust Grove High School, Ola High School, Stockbridge High School, and Woodland High School on being approved by the Georgia Department of Education to award the International Skills Diploma Seal along with other distinguished high schools across the state of Georgia.  

    This is an outstanding achievement for World Languages and Henry County Schools!  It is an honor for seven of our high schools and our World Languages students to be recognized as ISDS Star Students by State Superintendent Richard Woods at the awards ceremonies that took place in April of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 at the DOE building and in 2020 on DOE virtual platforms as well as an honor for the 135+ graduates that have obtained the seal in the past 5 years since the program was established. We are so proud of our World Languages teachers and students.

    We are proud to announce that two of our ISDS Star Students one from Woodland High School and one from Hampton High School were invited to present their ISDS Capstone at the Awards Ceremony at GaDOE in April 2017 and April 2019. In 2020, our school district had seven ISDS GaDOE STAR ISDS students recognized on virtual platforms. Such wonderful honors for our school district!

    Thank you so much to our teachers for providing exceptional education and connectivity for all students in World Languages. Outstanding! 



     Photographs courtesy of Georgia Department of Education
    In 2016, six ISDS schools were congratulated by Ms. Michaela Claus-Nix, past Program Specialist for World Languages and Workforce Initiatives at Georgia Department of Education with a letter that stated:

     "It is my pleasure to inform you that your school has been approved to award the International Skills Diploma Seal to qualifying seniors beginning 2015-2016 school year. The Global Skills Committee was very impressed with your application."

    The following is the timeline and links to online forms for schools that wish to apply for the seal for the first time and also the link for approved schools to turn in credentials for students and are requesting seals for graduation. The ISDS School Application needs to be turned in to Mr. Patrick Wallace, World Languages and Global Workforce Initiatives Program Specialist though e-mail and ISDS Seal Requests for graduates need to be requested through the online form in the link below:


    December 15:

    Deadline for schools to apply to become eligible to award the International Skills ​Diploma Seals to qualifying graduating high school seniors.

    ISDS School Application: ISDS School Application Due December 15   Email to: Email: pwallace@doe.k12.ga.us

    February 1:

    Schools notified of application status 

    April 15:

    Schools evaluate credentials of interested candidates and report list of qualifying candidates to GaDoE using the link below.

    ISDS Seal Requests: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSezQbj3nAH7cWQdHdmFBEArdzhnpkZQEKjfF8PrL2EFcHMgzQ/viewform


    Schools award the International Skills Diploma Seal 

    Awards Ceremony (April 25th at the Department of Education)