• Georgia Performance Standards for Physical Education

    Physical Education  

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    The Georgia Performance Standards for Physical Education are based on the National Physical Education Standards developed by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). The Standards reflect what a physically educated student should know and be able to do at each grade level (K-12). Six standards with accompanying elements are provided for each grade level. The elements are provided to further define the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that are expected of students at the end of various grade levels. Examples are provided for each element and can serve as guidelines for assessing student performance. Rather than defining curriculum, these standards provide guidance for teachers and are useful in designing appropriate physical education curricula. A sequential, developmentally appropriate curriculum should be designed and implemented to help students acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and confidence needed to adopt and maintain a physically active and healthy lifestyle.

    The content standards for the physical education school program identify consensus statements related to what a student should know, be able to, and how the student should act as a result of a quality physical education program. In addition, the standards demonstrate that physical education has meaningful, significant content and measurable outcomes.


    • Standard 1: Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
    • Standard 2: Demonstrates understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performance of physical activities.
    • Standard 3: Participates regularly in physical activity. 
    • Standard 4: Achieves and maintains a health-enhancing level of physical fitness. 
    • Standard 5: Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.
    • Standard 6: Values physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction.