• 1/26/16

    Posted by Jessica Davis on 1/26/2016 11:00:00 AM

    1. Go to =http://www.grammarflip.com and register as a student.
    -Your username should be your first and last name. Your password should be the same as the password you use to log onto the computer.
    -If you are in my homeroom (plus Maggi, Mattie and Dominick) the class code is Davis1_2016.
    -If you are in Mrs. Franko's homeroom the class code is Davis2_2016
    -Complete the following lessons by watching the video and/or power points, and then complete both the online practice and writing assignments. For the writing assignments, you will need to complete these on paper and be prepared to turn them in.
    ******Be sure that all assignments are labeled. The following are due 2/2/2016
    Lesson: Phrases Defined
    Lesson: Clauses Defined
    Lesson: Independent Clauses.

    2. Continue working on Unit 3: Argument

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  • Edmodo

    Posted by Jessica Davis on 1/21/2016

    Please join edmodo. This is where you will find all assignments and information from now on. It is MUCH more user friendly. 


    The class code for LA is vefusn.


    There is also a class code for SS. It is f8hrpw.

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  • January 12

    Posted by Jessica Davis on 1/12/2016
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