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    Personalized Learning 
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    2nd Grade Zoo Exhibit Project
    One of the five pillars of personalized learning is authentic learning or project based learning (PBL).  In PBL students learn through real-world projects and problem solving that are aligned with the standards.  These projects start with a driving questions and incorporate science, social studies, English / language arts, and math standards.  The students work to develop the skills needed to master these standards while reading to conduct research, writing, creating a project, and presenting.  The students also work on the 21st century skills of collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking/problem solving as they develop their projects.  Formative assessment of the standards are including in PBL including rubrics which are used to evaluate projects, writing, collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills.  PBL units will be developed by each grade level. 
       Project based learning empowers our students and motivates them to become better readers, researchers, and writers.  Through frequent peer and teacher feedback, the students discover how to revise and learn from their mistakes.   Students acquire skills needed to ask deeper questions about the world around them and the standards they need to learn, interact with their peers respectfully, and become life-long learners. 
    We are excited about this year's PBL projects.  Below are examples of projects from last year.  
    Doctors   EnvirEng   GymasticsCoach
    5th Grade Career Projects were presented to Kindergarten through 5th grade students during RSE's Career Day.
    1st Grade - Weather
    Blizzard  It's Snowing!  
    3rd Grade - Habitats