1. Come to class on time
    • Unless you are ill, you should be at school every day.
    2. Be prepared for school
    • Think ahead to be sure you bring to class the items you will need throughout the year.
    • Inform your parents if you do not have the materials you need, or if you need help getting them, talk to your teacher.
    • Get enough rest.
    • Eat a good breakfast and make arrangements for lunch.
    3. Do the assigned work
    • Plan ahead so you have sufficient time to complete work thoughtfully.
    • Establish a routine time and quiet place for completing assignments.
    • Make good use of every moment while in class and doing homework.
    • Work hard to learn to focus and concentrate on your work.
    The amount of effort you put forth will directly impact your learning, grades, confidence and future!
    Work hard, get smart!!
    4. Respect yourself and others
    • Treat others the same as you would want them to treat you.
    • Work hard to understand how your actions affect the feelings of others.
    • Be sure to tell the school staff and your parents if someone is making you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or upset.
    • ELMS has NO TOLERANCE for bully behavior, harassment, threats or violence.
    5.  Respect property and the environment
    • None of us have the right to take, touch or damage other people’s property without permission from the owner.
    • We will not litter, mark up, mess up or break property or living things, as it is disrespectful to all of us
    who care about this school and our earth.
    • We will be responsible stewards of our building, the fields we use, our community, our earth, and its resources.
    6.  Dress Code - There are new guidelines for the dress code this year 2019-2020 - Please look on the ELMS webpage for those guidelines.