General Information

     Supply List:
    1inch Binder
    5 Divider tabs
    150 count paper
    Highlighters, Pencils & pens
    25 Sheet protectors

    Notebook Setup:

    Section 1: Journal

    Section 2: Vocabulary

    Section 3: Reading

    Section 4: Writing

    Section 5:  Language

    Homework Policy: 

    • Work is due the next day or date stated by the teacher/ posted. Until work is turned in, the student will have missing for that assignment in IC until it is turned in.
    • Students who fail to turn in practice work as assigned must make-up the work by the end of the 4½-week period.  


    Make Up Work Policy:
    • Students will have opportunities for grade recovery during each 4½-week period. Students will not be able to make-up or re-do assignments beyond the 4½-week period.  


    Absent Policy:
    • When students are absent, it is the responsibility of the student-not the teacher-to get missed assignments and to make up (and turn in) all missed notes, tests, assignments and/or homework. Students are expected to make up missed tests/turn in projects on the first day following any absence. Students have a number of days equal to the number of missed days to make up all other assignments.