General Information

     Supply List:
    1 1/2' Binder
    Divider tabs
    300 count paper
    Pencils & pens
    Sheet protectors

    Notebook Setup:

    Section 1: Journal

    Section 2: Vocabulary

    Section 3: Reading

    Section 4: Writing

    Section 5:  Language/ Grammar

    Homework Policy: 

    • Work is due the next day or date stated on board (you can look on the homework or weekly assignments tab to find when homework will be due). Until work is turned in, the student will have missing for that assignment in IC until it is turned in.
    • Students who fail to turn in practice work as assigned must make-up the work by the end of the 4½-week period.  


    Make Up Work Policy:
    • Students will have opportunities for grade recovery during each 4½-week period. Students will not be able to make-up or re-do assignments beyond the 4½-week period.  Grade recovery opportunities are will be determined with the teacher before/after school, during working lunch or during designated times at teacher discretion.


    Absent Policy:
    • When students are absent, it is the responsibility of the student-not the teacher-to get missed assignments and to make up (and turn in) all missed notes, tests, assignments and/or homework. Students are expected to make up missed tests/turn in projects on the first day following any absence. Students have a number of days equal to the number of missed days to make up all other assignments.