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    Does the Success Academy follow the same calendar as the Henry County School System?

    Success Academy follows the same school calendar as the Henry County School System.

    When are students eligible to attend the Success Academy?

    Students are eligible to attend the Success Academy when all Carnegie units and Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA) requirements have been fulfilled. Exception: students who will age out of school during the current school year.

    What documents are required for a student to attend the Success Academy?

    Students must have a Georgia ID card, a Social Security card and an insurance card on file the first day of school.

    What happens to a student when they gain employment or a non-paid internship?

    If a student gains employment or a non-paid internship, the student will no longer report to Success Academy and will report directly to his/her job.

    How does a student get to his/her job?

    The family is responsible for transportation to and from the job.

    Is there a dress code for Success Academy students?

    Students must adhere to the dress code within the Success Academy Contract. (khaki slacks, collared golf shirt, belt and closed toed/slip resistant shoes)



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