Childrens Author Mariana Llanos

    Skype in the Classroom allowed us the opportunity to meet and talk to a real-life author! Mariana Llanos is the author of several children’s books in English and Spanish. She visits schools around the world to motivate children to read, and to answer their questions about writing and publishing. She also encouraged our students to write their own stories. Ms. Mariana read her book, “No Birthday for Mara,” which talked about the six basic emotions, which are happiness, sadness, surprise, fear, disgust and anger. As a group, we discussed how our body reacts to these different emotions and how we can express them. We also talked about what you should do if you feel overwhelmed by your emotions. Information about Ms. Mariana’s books are listed below. Please feel free to visit her website at www.marianallanos.com. I have also attached some pictures from our Skype lessons. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


    TRISTAN WOLF: A boy raised by wolves who goes in a journey to find where he came from. Readers 8 and up. Independent readers 2nd grade and up. Shor Story. Finalist of Readers’ Favorite Award and Winner of 2013 Gittle List. Spanish: Tristan Lobo


    A PLANET FOR TRISTAN WOLF: After a fight with his brother, Tristan heads off to… outer space! Readers 8 and up. Independent readers 2nd grade and up. Short story. Honorable mention at New England Book Festival.


    THE WANTING MONSTER: A fun and sweet Christmas story about a boy who wants everything he sees! Readers 5 and up. Independent readers: 1-2nd gr. Winner of 2014 Gittle List. Available in Spanish: EL MONSTRUO QUIERELOTODO.


    THE STAIRCASE ON PINE STREET: A smart girl, a treasure, a mystery and a grandfather with Alzheimer’s disease. Chapter book. Readers 9 and up. 5-stars reviews on Amazon and Readers’ Favorite



    NO BIRTHDAY FOR MARA: Mara is excited about her birthday… but it looks like everyone at home forgot about it. She’s in for a big surprise! Readers 5 and up. Independent readers 1-2nd grade. Available in Spanish: Mara sin Cumpleaños.

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