AShley Steele, STEAM Club Mmeber is the Finalist in GA STEM Talk Competition
    Ashley Steels, STEAM Club Member is the Finalist in GA STEM Talk Competition.
    LHS STEAM Club Members at Georgia Institute of Technology  
    LHS STEAM Club Members at GA Tech
    Our STEAM Members are praised by a GA Tech Professor for their outstanding questions  
     Our STEAM Members are praised by a GA Tech Professor for their outstanding questions
    Cebron Williams, A STEAM Club Member Wins the Eagle Scout Project for School Gardening
    Cebron Williams, STEAM Club Member wins the Eagle Scout Project grant for school gardening
    Major Adam COle, Chief Pilot, Delta Airlines at the Induction Ceremony
    2017 STEAM Club Induction Ceremony
    Major Adam Cole with our STEAM Club Vice President, Channing Gray, a certified pilot
    Major Adam Cole with Channing Gray, STEAM Club Vice President
    Here is the bio of Channing Gray, our STEAM Club Vice President at Tuskegee Next
    Mr. Nash, our Assistant Principal releases our Science Magazine, The Space
    Mr. Nash, LHS Vice Principal releases the Aviation Theme Issue of The Space, magazine of the STEAM Club
    Ms. Claire Swinford, NASA RERC Director inaugurates the Lunar and Meteorite Samples Expo
    Ms. Claire Swinford, NASA RERC Director at the Museum of Aviation inaugurates the Lunar & Meteorite Materials Expo
    A Section of the Crowd at the Lunar and Meteorite Samples Expo
    A Section of the Crowd at the Lunar & Meteorite Materials Expo
    Luella Elementary School Students at our Lunar Meteorite Show
    Luella Elementary Students at the Lunar & Meteorite Show
     Discovering the moon at the Lunar Meteorite Expo
    Discovering the Moon Play at the Lunar & Meteorite Materials Expo
    Our STEAM Club Member Michael with his work on atherosclerosis, modeling how blood clot is formed
    Michael with his work on atherosclerosis, how blood clot is ormed
    Dr. Shea Rose from University of West Georgia at our STEAM Club's Energy Expo
    Dr. Shea Rose from the University of West Georgia presenting the certiifcate of merit to students at the Energy Expo
    Our member Phong Duong with his Wind Tunnel at the Energy Expo
    Duong Phong with his model of  wind mill at the Energy Expo
    A parent demonstrating an energy conservation technique at the STEAM Club's Energy Expo
    A parent demonstrating energy conservation techniques at the Energy Expo
    Making Plastic from Milk  at the Macromolecules Week
    Making plastic from milk during the Macromolecules Week
    STEAM Club President, Julie Vu's Art Work of Amylopectin
    Cloth Applique Work of Julie Vu, our STEAM Club President; the art work illustrates the structure of  Amylopectin
    Kolam Art on Water
    Kolam Art on Water
    Nine DOt Secret Kolam Art Activity
    The Kolam Art: Nine Dot Secrets of Engineering Design
    Prof. Yuanzhi Tang at our STEAM Club
    Prof.  Yuanzhi Tang from GA Tech at our STEAM Club
    Coffee Painting at our STEAM Club
    Coffee Painting
     Rock Painting with Birnessite at our STEAM Club
    Rock Painting
    Scientific Art Form of Chemical Bonds created by Leona Hong
    Channing Gray, Vice President of our STEAM Club piloting the Skywalk in Chicago
    Channing Gray interviewed on WGN radio in Chicago

    Channing Gray honored at Tuskegee Next
    Channing Gray is now a Certified Pilot
    Channing Gray is now a certified pilot with his private pilot's license  from the Illinois Aviation Academy
    Theme Issues of  THe Space, the Official Joiurnal of the LHS STEAM  Club
    "The Space"  is the Official Magazine of the LHS STEAM Club
    Pasta Design Challenge
    Pasta Highway Design Challenge Contest
     Post Secondary Education Adviser from the University of West Georgia
    Post-Secondary Education Advisor from the University of West Georgia
     Post Secondary Adviser form GA Tech
    Post Secondary Education Advisor from GA Tech
    Industry Adviser from Dairy Queen
    Industry Advisor from Dairy Queen
     The Space

    "The Space" is the Official Magazine of the LHS STEAM Club

    The LHS STEAM Club has been established) in 2014, fueled by the current federal emphasis on the infusion of Art into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) (STEM + Art = STEAM) and is anchored in the promise to expose our students to the entirely new ideas of infusing art forms, modeling and design thinking in their learning paradigms.

    The STEAM Club provides a variety of opportunities for our students to explore and experience STEAM and allows them to apply the principles of STEAM in their own work. This experience enables them to realize and appreciate how their classroom learning experiences are related to the real-world experiences and how STEAM permeates in every aspect of our day to day living. 


    The LHS STEAM Club has set two main goals for the club: (i) to provide to LHS students the window of opportunities to create products through fusion of art and design into their STEM talents; (ii)  participate in Workshops, Exhibitions, Summer Research, and in the Dinner Meetings in various reputed organizations. In our STEAM Club, members design, create and present their personal projects. They are encouraged to collaborate far and wide in all cross-disciplinary fields of art, design, and modeling.  They participate in STEM and STEAM competitions and talks at the State, National, and International levels.


    STEAM Club members also engage in research on the contribution of Leonardo da Vinci to the world of Science and Technology and on how he approached these disciplines during the Renaissance. They create several art pieces in the world of Concrete and Abstract arts through the application of different Chemistry principles and design principles in different kinds of painting including water, milk, and oil media art forms, cave painting, coffee painting, tea painting, In modeling they explore a variety of materials from cottage cheese to dough, to different polymer clay materials both natural and synthetic plus different hybrid materials. They explore diagrammatology through native art forms of Kolams.


    The STEAM Club members will be informed of various STEM and STEAM events or competitions that take place in around Atlanta from time to time. Most of these events will be either in the week-ends, or in summer. Dinner meetings in recognized organizations will be after school on working days. Members can choose which events most interest them and can participate in them. It is the responsibility of the STEAM members and their parents/guardians to arrange for transportation and paying the fee if any  for such events. Luella High School will not arrange for transportation or pay the fee or provide chaperons for such external events. Parents/guardians are solely responsible for the safety of their children during the travel and participation in these events.


    STEAM Club members also will receive notifications on suitable State, National, and International events they are eligible to participate. Students need to make their own initiative through their parents to apply and qualify in these competitions. The sponsor will assist as much she could sans financial commitments on the part of her or the school. Where possible, the STEAM Club sponsor might use her professional membership in various associations to seek possible concession or exemption if any in the fee for events.


    There is no Membership Fee for the STEAM Club. Students of all grade levels with all educational  backgrounds, and socioeconomic settings are welcome to join the STEAM Club. Members will buy a shirt every year. The LHS STEAM Club will take active role in the celebrations of  National Chemistry Week, Winter Chemistry Week, World Space Week, Earth, Energy, and Environment Week, and Macromolecules Week.  World Heart Day, World Malaria day, World Hemophilia Day, World Cancer Day, and World Tuberculosis Day are observed with technical presentations and service activities.


    Several leadership and service opportunities are available.

    Join the STEAM Club to reap these benefits.

    Dr. R. | Renuka.Rajasekaran@henry.k12.ga.us