Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Information

  • What is AR?
    Accelerated Reader is an online program that allows students to take comprehension quizzes on the books they read.  The quizzes are wonderful tools for increasing student comprehension.

    How does AR work?
    Once a student has read a book, he/she logs onto AR and is asked several comprehension questions about the story. The students are NOT allowed to use the book while taking a quiz, therefore they are encouraged to read the story several times and check for understanding BEFORE they log on to take an AR quiz.

    How does my child earn AR points?
    Each student has been given an AR school year goal based on his/her individual reading level. Points are earned toward this goal each time a student receives an 80% or better on an AR quiz.

    Each student will receive an AR award when they reach their 25% goal, 50% goal, 75% goal, and 100% goal.

    How can my child and I know if a book is an AR book?
    You can visit to search for AR books. Click on Parent or Student and a search box will appear. Type in the title of your child's book. If it pops up, then it has an AR quiz!

    This is also a good way to find out if a book is on your child's reading level.
    (The reading level info will look similar to this: BL - 4.3 standing for 4th grade, 3rd month)

    How can I help my child with AR from home?
    Encourage him/her to read a short book several times and slow down for comprehension with longer novels. Encourage him/her to also check for understanding as he/she reads. (Have them, or others, ask and answer questions about what they just read - Who? What? When? Where? Why?)

    Please encourage your child to take AR quizzes on the books that they read!