• Be An Active Reader!!


    Be an Active Reader !


    To get the most out of your book, you have to do more than sit back and read the words. You must think about what you read. The strategies below describe the kinds of thinking that active readers do. In your reading log reflections, record notes using these strategies.


    Predict: Using what you read, try to figure out what will happen next and how the chapter or book might end. Write these predictions down in the reading log. Then read on to see how accurate your guesses were.


    Visualize: Picture in your mind the characters, events, and setting to help you understand what is happening. Keep notes in the reading log on what you visualize.


    Connect: Connect personally with what you are reading. Think of similarities between the characters and descriptions in the selection and what you have personally experienced, heard about, or read about. Write the connections in the reading log.


    Question: While you read, question what is happening. Searching for reasons behind events and characters’ feelings and actions can help you feel closer to what you are reading. Keep track of your questions in your reading log.


    Clarify: Stop occasionally to review what you understand so far. Write a one-sentence summary of what has happened in the chapter(s). Also, answer questions you had earlier. Make notes about confusing words and reread when necessary.


    Evaluate: Form opinions about what you read. Develop your own ideas about the characters and events and write the ideas in the reading log. Your opinions should be clearly stated and well supported.