• Sketchbook Assignments - all art classes

     Sketchbook Assignments will be posted on Google Classroom

    Sketchbook instructions and Rubric

    Each sketchbook will be graded according to the criteria below

    Effort of Drawing – No matter the drawing ability, a 2 minute drawing looks like a 2 minute drawing and a 30 minute drawing looks like a 30 minute drawing.

             o   Your drawing ability will only improve with effort.

             o   If you use less than 30 minutes to complete a drawing do another.

             o   Technical difficulty, growth of drawing skill

    Originality and Creativity in Interpretation – your work shows that you put some thought into it.

             o   Draw from life and your imagination

            o   Show an interesting and original point of view

    Variation of Drawings – Make them look different

             o   Write the idea # in the lower right of the page, cross it off the list.

             o   Drawings should show experimentation and growth from one to the next.

    Composition – Use a page spread of your sketchbook, not just the right page.

             o   Utilize a viewfinder to find a good composition before starting.

             o   Avoid a centered, bulls-eye type composition

             o   Have your drawing go beyond the edges of the page.

             o   Always draw the background or environment

    Sketchbook Rubric


    9-10 Points


    6-8 Points

    Needs Work

    0-5 Points

    Effort of Drawing

    & Skill

    Drawing demonstrates effort and growth in skill

    Drawing demonstrates some effort, some growth

    Little to no effort or growth demonstrated

    Originality & Creativity

    Extremely original and creative – Expressive

    Originality and Creativity shown in some areas

    Little to No Original Interpretation Shown

    Variation in


    Drawings styles vary Experimentation shown

    Some variation in style is shown in drawings.

    Drawings are all almost identical in style

    Composition –

    Use of Page

    Dynamic composition. Entire page spread used.

    Good composition. Could use more of or go off page.

    Bulls-Eye or Floating

    1 Page or no Drawing

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