• Requirements:
    1. Fold two sheets of paper "hotdog" style, but leave about 1/2"-3/4" overlap to form a "tab" to write labels on.
    2. Fold each graphic organizer so that it has four vertical sections. Cut along the creases to form flaps on the top part of each graphic organizer.
    3. Write the following labels on the graphic organizers (4 each): norms, folkways, values, & beliefs; symbols, material culture, non-material culture, mores/taboos (the last two go together).
    4. On each flap, you must have a COLOR image that relates to the term. My advice: Print them out--don't draw them! Glue them down with a glue stick, or tape them down (don't use liquid glue).
    5. Inside each flap, define the term that you labeled for that section. 
    6. Give FIVE examples of the term in that section (THEY MUST BE NUMBERED--NO BULLETS). These do NOT have to be in sentences! 
    7. NOTE: be careful about images you use for mores/taboos! The images need to be appropriate!
    • BONUS POINTS: extra images (up to two extra, or 3 total) and/or TYPING your information.
    samples of graphic organizers