2019-20 School-Parent Compact
    The School-Parent Compact says 
    What you can expect your Teachers to do to help your child succeed
    What we expect YOU to do to help your child succeed
    What we expect YOUR STUDENT to do to succeed! 

    Click here to view 2019-20 School Parent Compact

    2019-20 PGE PFE Plan
    The Parent & Family Engagement Plan 
    Is an in depth look into Title I.  It shares Henry County District Goals, Pleasant Grove Elementary's Academic Goal and also lists events for Parental Engagement!
    Parent/Family Resource Center

    Room 210

    The Pleasant Garden Resource Center

    **The Pleasant Garden **

    We Plant. We Grow.  We Harvest. Together.


    FREE Resources are Available

    for you and your child in Rm #210 at Pleasant Grove Elementary!!

    Feel free to come by from Mon-Fri, 8-12am, Mon-Thurs, 1-3:30pm,

    Fri, 1-3pm, or by appointment, to check out games, books, puzzles,

    and much more for you and your child to enjoy at home together!

Last Modified on September 12, 2019