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    Below is a brief snapshot of some of the events PGE will host to build capacity for strong parental involvement and to support a partnership between our school, parents, and the community.  Parent workshops and meetings will be available via the website, by email, or in Rm#210, our Family Resource Center.  


    2nd Cup of Joe (Annual Title I Meeting) – [October 3, 2019]

    Join us at our Annual Title I Meeting! Have a great cup of joe while you meet PGE Administrators! Go in depth about PGE's academic goals, Title I, Parent Involvement and Upcoming Events!


    Math Madness Workshop – [October 28, 2019]

    "How can I help my child master Math?" Parent workshop for grades K-2!!


    Family Fun Night – [March 2020]

    Math and Reading can be fun! Come play educational games and learn how to make Math and Reading fun at home!


    GA Milestones Test Prep – [April 2020]

    This is a great opportunity to understand all about this important test your 3rd-5th grader must take at the end of the school year!


    Spring Input Meeting – [April 2020]

    You are invited to learn and share your input on our 2019-20 Title I Program - The School wide plan, Title I budget, School-Parent Compact, and PGE’s Parent Engagement Plan.


    Parent/Family Resource Center

    Room 210

    The Pleasant Garden Resource Center

    **The Pleasant Garden **

    We Plant. We Grow.  We Harvest. Together.


    FREE Resources are Available

    for you and your child in Rm #210 at Pleasant Grove Elementary!!

    Feel free to come by from Mon-Fri, 8-12am, Mon-Thurs, 1-3:30pm,

    Fri, 1-3pm, or by appointment, to check out games, books, puzzles,

    and much more for you and your child to enjoy at home together!

Last Modified on October 9, 2019