Sight Words

    We test sight words weekly. **(Every Friday)** Please check the back panel of the weekly folder for your child's sight word list and study nightly for mastery. Please leave list in the back for testing on Fridays. There will be 2 lists, but we only test one at a time. Once your child has passed the list, a new one will be in its place.  Please study all sight words including past list. Sight words are an essential part of early literacy and learning to read. The Kindergarten goal is 100 words, but most will go above and beyond to reach the 220 club!


    List 1- red, green, yellow, blue, black, brown, orange, pink, purple, white
    List 2- I, like, the, see, play, can, we, go, to, and
    List 3- me, look, at, come, here, you, will, up, jump, big, 
    List 4-  do, he, is, with, a, on, help, said, it, my
    List 5-  little, want, this, has, run, not, funny, in, down, please,
    List 6-  some, for, she, after, get, have, yes, eat, but, when,
    List 7-  by, ran, away, saw, an, that, went, are, good, one,
    List 8-  where, all, they, what, make, so, tell, use, out, today,
    List 9-  put, new, take, fast, did, very, was, got, ride, two,
    List 10-  many, were, over, made, us, find, three, am, been, came,
    List 11-  be, four, into, must, no, our, pretty, say, there, too,
    List 12-  now, soon, again, any, under, every, from, give, had, just,
    List 13-  ask, well, going, her, know, let, may, of, then, stop,
    List 14-  as, him, live, old, thank, walk, round, could, before, call,
    List 15-  always, them, think, because, around, buy, cold, does, five, goes,
    List 16-  best, don't, first, gave, its, off, pull, read, sit, once,
    List 17-  both, their, or, right, sing, sleep, these, how, wash, your,
    List 18-  those, which, work, about, cut, six, carry, his, bring, fall,
    List 19-  why, write, better, clean, done, seven, far, hot, if, only,
    List 20-  would, draw, eight, full, keep, light, grow, much, try, laugh,
    List 21-  drink, hurt, pick, nine, kind, long, myself, small, own, warm,
    List 22-  never, ten, show, start, together, ate, fly, wish, found, upon