•                            Earth Science Class Supply List


    • 5 Subject Spiral Bound Notebook (Math and Science will share this notebook)
    • Pencil pouch or case

    Please maintain the following items in your pencil pouch daily:

    • Pencil (s) •   Personal pencil sharpener
    • Blue or black ink pens                                     •   Pair of scissors
    • Glue sticks                                                      •   Pair of earbuds
    • Pack of colored pencils                                     •   Pack of multi-colored highlighters


                                          Class Wishlist 

    Class size Hand sanitizer

    Box of Tissue

    1 Container of Clorox wipes

    1 Roll of Paper towel

    Expo Markers

    Colored Copy Paper (1 Ream)

    White Copy Paper (1 Ream)