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    We've been learning about our brains and how having a Growth Mindset promotes neuroplasticity.  

    Brain Power Pretest 3rd - 5th Grade



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    Brain lobes

    How well is your brain performing?  Test it with a partner!

    1. Frontal Lobe - This lobe controls your short term memory.  Choose 9 tiles.  Set them up and show your partner.  Then flip them over and see how many your partner can remember.  

    2.  Cerebellum - This lobe controls your coordination and reaction time.  Test this with a partner.  One person rests their arm on their desk with their hand ready to catch the ruler.  The other person holds the ruler 2 inches over their hand.  Without warning, the partner holding the ruler drops it and the other partner tries to catch it.  Try this 5 times.  Does your reaction time improve?

    3. Occipital Lobe - This lobe controls your vision.  Will your eyes play tricks on you?  Try to spot what's wrong in each of the images in this video: Optical Illusions