1.        Stand in a straight SILENT line.
    2.        Wait to be invited into the classroom. Do not enter without permission.
    3.        Remain in your seat unless you have permission.
    4.        You may speak with permission (raise your hand)
    5.        Respect your teacher, classmates and yourself at all times.
    6.        Please sharpen your pencil during homeroom. If you need a new pencil, you may exchange it or sharpen your pencil quietly at your desk. You may not get up to sharpen a pencil or to use the trash can.
    7.        Please throw away tissue, paper, etc., at the end of class.
    8.        Dismiss on my signal. I will call by table or by row.
    9.        NO students may leave the first 15 minutes or last 15 minutes of class (except for true emergencies).


    1.        All work should be completed to the best of your ability; for example, “A” students will get a phone call home if they repeatedly complete “B” work. Passing is not enough if you are capable of more.
    2.        YOU will maintain a notebook in this class. A table of contents is posted to help you maintain your notebook. Notebooks quizzes are given based on the required notebook items.  
    3.        Please demonstrate academic honesty, “borrowing” homework/classwork does not help you learn. Do not work in pairs or groups without permission.
    4.        Please review the supplemental websites and materials on my school webpage; they were selected to enhance your learning experience.
    5.        All assignments are maintained on the class calendar. Please find the date you were absent and complete your missing assignments.


    1.        Safety is first in all labs.
    2.        No horseplay during lab. Violations will result in removal from lab and a reduction in that day’s score.
    3.        Please complete any pre-lab assignments. You will not be able to participate in lab if not completed. These assignments are designed to help you understand the lab. Students not completing required assignments or removed for horseplay will complete an alternative assignment during lab to count as their lab grade.
    4.        Lab reports are included in your lab grade; the point value will be announced with each lab.