• Classroom Expectations & Consequences
                                                 successful student              successful student
         Classroom Expectations:
    1. Be respectful of one another:  Treat your classmates the way that you want to be treated.  Do not interrupt others when they are speaking.  Raise your hand to let us know that you have something to say.  Always keep your hands and feet to yourself!
    1. Be responsible for what you do in class:  Follow directions, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Do your best work every day.  Remember to bring your agenda to class daily!
    1. Take pride in your classroom:  Keep your work area clean.  Put materials away when you are finished with them.  Respect other people’s belongings.
    1. Take pride in your appearance:  Come to class neatly groomed and dressed.


    Consequences to Avoid:

    Consequences You Want!

    1. Parent Contact

    2. Citation

    3. Jag Bite

    4. Referral

    1. Tokens that can be exchanged for Austin bucks!

    2. Call parent to share good news!

    3. Jag Pop!

    4. Participate in Fun Friday & Shop in Hamrick’s Hut!



            **Fights and gross insubordination are equal to automatic referrals**