• My Personal Philosophy of Education

    I believe that all children can learn. 

    I believe in a holistic approach to teaching. 

    I believe teachers should create a safe, structured and engaging environment for learning.

    Teachers must be sensitive to cultural differences and beliefs.

    I believe that teachers should advocate for their students.

    I believe in collaboration between teachers, families, and professionals.

    I believe in continuing education for teachers.

    Teachers should be willing to try new strategies if the current ones aren’t working.

     Teachers need to be flexible.

    Teachers should model what they want their students to learn.

    I believe in positive language.

    I believe in person-first language.

    Inclusion should be utilized whenever it is appropriate for the student with special needs.

    I believe in partnering regular education students with exceptional students to foster understanding, acceptance, and empathy.

    I believe that teachers should listen to, and learn from, their students.