• Class Expectations 

                    ·         No TALKING in the Band Room.( This is a class of musical development)

    ·         No food or drinks allowed in the Band Room   (i.e. gum, candy, sprite, etc…)

    ·         No horseplay in the Band Room

    ·         You should only touch your own instrument or your assigned instrument

    ·         Have positive attitude always!!!

    ·         No excuses allowed!!!!

    ·         Always Strive for the Highest

    ·         Bring all class materials everyday (instrument, mouthpiece, book, pencil, etc…)

    ·         Use the spaces provided to you in the instrument room to store your instrument. Cases or instruments should not be left lying on the floor.

    ·         Place all books, coats, and any other personal belongings in the designated place. Non band related materials should not be brought into the setup area. No bags, purses, or any other personal items may be left in the band room with the exception of your band instrument.

    ·         Students should never enter the band directors’ office without permission.

                      ·         Class begins as soon as you enter the band room. You will have 5 minutes after the bell rings to get and assemble your                                       instrument. I will begin promptly. If you are not ready at this time you are considered LATE

    ·         Chairs and stands are to be treated with care, and should be returned to their original positions at the end of class