•  Hello!

    I was born in Washington D. C., but moved to Georgia in 1985 when I married my husband, David.  I have always enjoyed working with children who have special needs, and had been involved in different volunteer organizations. When my son, Ryan, was born with Down syndrome, my interest became more personal, and my husband, my 3-year-old daughter Megan, and I embarked on an uncertain journey. Ryan has broadened and enriched our lives in so many ways. 
    After Ryan overcame acute myeloid leukemia when he was 3 and remained in remission, we enrolled him in pre-school as  Megan began 1st grade. When Ryan started school full time in kindergarten, I began substitute teaching to supplement our family income. In 2001, with the support of my husband, I took a leap of faith and enrolled full time at West Georgia University to pursue a degree in education, with my major in Special Education: Intellectual Disabilities.
    I earned my degree in 2004, and am certified as “Highly Qualified” to teach students with intellectual disabilities grades K-8. I was fortunate enough to be hired as a Special Education teacher at Austin Road Middle School for the 04-05 school year and I have called ARMS “home” ever since.
    Although school policy, education, jargon, and populations may have changed over the years, the needs of my students and their families have not.  My goal is to help my students reach their full potential and lead full lives as independently as possible. Each year my students teach and challenge me as much, if not more, than I could ever teach them. They make me a better teacher, and I am grateful every day to be called their teacher!
    I live in Riverdale with my husband and two children. Our family includes two rescue dogs, Remington and Halley, as well as Diesel, our rescue cat. I love to read, garden and cross stitch to relax, and visit family in Virginia whenever we get the chance.