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  • Disposition and Philosophy of Education

    My philosophy of education is very similar to my disposition.  Both come from a positive, inspiring and highly motivating place.  In just my two full years of teaching, I have been praised for my exuberant disposition (if you will) and my positive outlook on student success and achievement.  This is simply because I believe in myself, my students and that which we use to educate each other.  My philosophy is grounded in the importance of diversity, innovation creativity to teach the whole child so that learning can be more than a means to an end, but an experience that brings about more experiences.  Understanding the culmination of information in this class as well as the nature of education today, there are practices that shape my philosophy. 

    Differentiated instruction and creative instructional practices, this year, have added new meaning to learning.  I have seen students thrive from individual instruction, the compassionate attention, and the challenging enrichment they receive during lessons using a variety of instructional strategies; yet, I realize I have so far to go and so much to understand in order to consistently reach students. It is important to remember that the student in the desk in the classroom comes from somewhere, he has a set of values, and she has her own belief of education. While it is, of course, my job to teach all of them, I would be lost and unsuccessful if I only started with standards and skills. Teaching the whole child, as I have learned, comes from making informed decisions about what is best for the student instructionally, socially, mentally and even physically. I aim to help create individuals who are on a path of greatness, ready to compete with their peers in every endeavor life thrusts their way.