Grading Scale Information

    Letter/Alpha grades assigned by the post-secondary institution on a student’s official transcript through Dual Enrollment will be converted to a numerical grade according to the district’s conversion chart in the Henry County Schools Student and Parent Handbook.

    If the DE college/university transcript reflects a W, WF, or WD, your high school transcript will reflect an F (55 numeric grade).  Please see the Dual Enrollment grade conversion chart in the Henry County Schools Student & Parent Handbook.

    Transcripts from the DE college/university are delivered to the high school counselor with alpha grades (A, B, C, etc). The high school counselor will transcribe the alpha grades to numeric grades utilizing the conversion chart below: 

     A+ = 98  A = 95  A- = 93
     B+ = 88  B = 85  B- = 83
     C+ = 78  C = 75  C- = 74
     D+ = 73  D = 71  D- = 70
       F/WD/WF = 55  


    Are there additional points added to DE grades?  See the new IHA-R Regulations regarding any additional points added based upon a student's date entered 9th grade.