• 2nd Grade Important Information

    Important Times:     Lunch:  11:03- 11:33   Specials:  12:00 - 12:45 

    Agenda Binder

    The "Star" agenda binder is used as our classroom-home connection.  This notebook will help us stay organized and is a great tool for us to use for communication.  The notebook will contain the following items:

    Agenda:  Agendas may be purchased in the front office.  Please check the agenda daily for notes.  Please feel free to correspond with me in the agenda as well. These will be available for purchase at open house and the first week of school. 

    Reading log:  Weekly, a part of your child's homework will be to read and write a short response to what he or she has read.  The reading log will be used to record this daily reading.  

    Tuesday Folder:  Important notes from the school and/or Mrs. Voyles will be sent home in this folder. Please check the  folder daily, as some communications will be sent throughout the week.   But, on Tuesdays weekly work will be sent home in the folder and their wil be a sheet for parents to sign.  

    Homework Folder:  Starting the 3rd week of school students will be given a homework folder that should be kept inside their "Star" binder at all times.  More information about homework will be given.  

    Money:  Any money that is sent to school should be put in a labeled envelope or plastic bag and placed in the binder pouch inside your child's agenda binder.  This ensures that that the money goes to the right place.  Please make your child is aware of the money so that he or she can let Mrs. Voyles know that there is money in his or her folder. 



    If you need to contact me for any reason, please feel free to write me a note in the agenda, email me at svoyles@henry.k12.ga.us, or call me at the school at 770-957-5416 after 2:30. You may contact me if you would like to set up a conference to discuss any concerns. Also, if you desire to observe your child in the classroom at any particular time, you may do so.  However, to avoid disurption of learning, we ask that these observations be limited to around 20 minutes.  



    Our classroom website is found on the Locust Grove Elementary website (www.henry.k12.ga.us/lge) by clicking on the Teacher tab (at the top).  Once you have clicked on the teacher tab, scroll down until you find my name (Severah Voyles) and click on it.  This will take you to our class website.  On this site you will find helpful websites, our daily schedule, information about activities going on in our classroom, and much more!



    Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  It is my belief that homework should help your child reinforce and review the concepts we have been working on in class.  Students will be given a short math and language arts weekly practice sheet, each week.  Please go over these assignments with your child to ensure understanding. Students will also be expected to read regularly, at home, and record what they are reading on their reading log.  When students have completed this reading log, they will given a small reward, such as a free ice cream.  It is especially beneficial if your child reads with so that you can  discuss what he or she is reading.  (Students who complete their homework for the week will receive a Wildcat Paw! (More information aboutI Wildcat Paws is below).



    When sending in money, please make sure to label it with your child’s name and what the money is for.  Please label and place all money in the front pocket of your child's agenda binder. Ice cream is sold in the cafeteria during lunch and cost one dollar.  If sending ice cream money and lunch money together, please make sure to separate the two because they are sent to two different places and we are unable to make change in the classroom.  


    Report Cards

    Henry County Schools has four nine-week grading periods.  Our county uses a standards-based report card.  Grades may also be viewed through the parent portal of Infinite Campus.  



    We will have conferences periodically throughout the year.  It is very important that you attend these conferences so that we can discuss your child’s progress.  If you ever want to set up a conference, please let me know at any time.


    Behavior Policy

    At LGE, we implement a positive discipline plan that focuses on solutions instead of punishments.  We try to help the students make good choices.  This year, as part of our school wide plan, we will be implementing a clip system that will allow students to be aware and help to self-monitor their own daily behavir choices.  More information on this is being sent home with students.  


    Wildcat Fest

    LGE is hosting several Wildcat Fests throughout the year.  These celebrations will acknowledge awesome Wildcat behavior.  Students, school wide, will be given a goal of how many Wildcat Paws they have to earn in order to go to the celebration.  These Paws can be earned by doing their homework, coming to school every day, and demonstrating great behavior  We are very excited about the Wildcat Fest and I know the students will be too.  For the first Wildcat Fest students must earn 50 Wildcat Paws and for the second and third Wildcat Festival students must earn 75 Wildcat Paws.  

     Notes for Absences

    If your child is absent due to sickness, death in the family, etc. please send a written and signed note with your child to school on the day that they return, so that your child's absence can be noted as "Excused".  


    System Student Handbook

    You will be provided wtih a copy of the Henry County Student Handbook at open house.  Please make sure to review this handbook prior to the beginning of the school year.  Also, keeping this handbook in a convenient place at home will allow you to reference any questions you have related to county policies.  If you have further questions or concerns related to any policy, you may contact the front office and/ or school administration.