• How Was Your Day? 


    Green: EXCELLENT (Student receive a punch on their SOAR card)



    Each session the students will begin on green. After 3 warnings, the students will  be in danger of loosing their opportunity to receive a SOAR punch on their SOAR card. If this occurs, the student will have until the end of their segment to redeem themselves for an opportunity to receive a punch on thier card.


    • The students that earn at least 4 punches each week will be allowed to pull from the treasure box on Friday.
    • Students receive punches on their SOAR cards for displaying appropriate SOAR behavior as outlined in our school's PBIS plan
    • The students will receive an additional punch on their SOAR card for going beyond the expectations
    • If the student reach the weekly SOAR goal of at least 15 punches they will receive the weekly SOAR incentive



    1st offense - Warning
    2nd offense - Time Out
    3rd offense-  Time Out in another class
    4th offense - Parent Contact
    5th offense - Office Referral