• A Boy Called BAT

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 5/8/2020

    Today we will finish our shared reading of A Boy Called BAT. I have enjoyed sharing this read aloud with you each day. It has helped me feel like we are connected and sharing in something together. What did you think about the book? Did you like the story? Can you make any connections to the story. After reading the story are you curious about anything? I would love to hear from you. You can email me, Kimberlysmcdonald@henry.k12 or share your thoughts on Flipgrid



    Until Monday....Happy Mother's Day to all the HFE Mommies. 

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  • Teacher Appreciation Week

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 5/7/2020

    Teachers @ the Flat

    I bet you are missing the Flat as much as we are. Although we cannot all be together right now we wanted a way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation week with all of you. Take time today to send an email or a note to thank the teachers who have meant so much to you this year. As we wind down our school year it is a wonderful opportunity for us to share our apprectiation with each other. I know I am glad to be a part of the HFE family and community. I have had so much fun with all of you this year and I look forward to seeing each of you real soon. 


    Until tomorrow.....thank a teacher or two today!


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  • Wacky Wednesday

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 5/6/2020

    Today is Wacky Wednesday and what is wackier than an animal named Quackenstein? In the story Quackenstein Hatches a Family, all the other animals in the zoo have family and friends to love and play with; however Quackenstein has no one. Quackenstein is lonely and sad so he decides to adopt an egg. What will happen when the egg hatches? Watch as actress Kristen Bell read's the story aloud at Storyline Online

    In our #OneBookConnects shared reading BAT learns more about skunks as he learns to take care of a skunk Kit. After listening to the story choose an animal you would like to learn more about. You can Google an Animal Report Graphic Organizer or you can make your own. Within the graphic organizer you should include the following topics: What the Animal Looks Like, Where it Lives, What is Eats, and Interesting Facts. 

    Two sites to explore are National Geographic Kids and Pebble Go (username: engaged and password: learning). 

    I would love to see your research and what you learned about the animal yu chose to explore. I would also love to hear about what you thought about the story, Quackenstein Hatches a Family


    Until tomorrow....be wacky!

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  • Sending Smiles

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 5/5/2020

    When we left school March 13th none of us imagined we would not see each other again this school year. Many of us are missing each other so much. I received an email this morning about a young lady named Sammie who has found a way to spread kindness during this time and she wants you to help. 



    When Sammie found out that due to Covid-19 there would be no more school for the rest of the year, no seeing the buddy benches being in use and no saying goodbye to her teachers and friends she was sad.

    She wanted to find a way to keep herself busy and cheering people up in the process.

    Sammie’s Sending Smiles began! Sammie created a fun smile logo on her tablet and printed then laminated them. She committed to writing an encouraging letter out a day with a “smile” included and mailing it out.

    She hopes to encourage others to do the same. She is now mailing out the letter with 2 smiles. One for the recepient to keep and one for them to write a letter and send the extra smile to someone.

    If you or someone you know would like a smile from Sammie please feel free to contact us.

    She would love to send out a smile to all 50 states! She is well on her way and not slowing down.

    Who is someone that may like a smile in the mail from you? A teacher, friend, family member? Maybe leave one in the mailbox for the postman!

    Everyone needs a smile

    Sending Smiles Printable


    If you would like to know more about how Sammie is changing her community and how you can impact our's visit her website here


    Until tomorrow....   smile

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  • #OneBookConnects Week 3 Contest Activities

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 5/4/2020

    This is our last week for our #OneBookConnects read aloud, A Boy Called BAT. I hope you have enjoyed this opportunity. If you need some inspiration for Make it Monday you could use the the things and people at your home to make a live recreation of an illustration in the novel. For example, you could recreate the illustration of the cover of the book. On the cover Bat is holding Thor to his nose. Obviously we do not want to hold a real skunk, but you could substitute your pet or a stuffed animal to represent Thor.


    Remember to share a picture of your activity #OneBookConnects and @read to them on Facebook or Twitter to earn 500 points.  If you share your recreation on social media with the story's illustrator, Charles Santoso, with the tag @charlessantoso (Instagram) or @minitreehouse (Twitter) you could can earn an extra 100 points.

    Here is the list of activities for week 3.

    week 3



    Until tomorrow...happy reading!





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  • April Showers bring May Flowers

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 5/1/2020

    Today is May 1st. "April showers bring May flowers" is an old proverb or phrase that dates back to 1886 according to George Latimer Apperson's "Dictionary of Proverbs"; however the phrase may have roots in a 1610 poem with a verse "March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers". I began to wonder again which led me to search one of my favorite websites Wonderopolis

    My wonder, is it true April showers REALLY bring May flowers? Was also inspired by Kimberly from Plano, Texas. You can check out this wonder here. In Georgia flowers and plants often begin blooming well before May, because of the warm temperatures we begin to experience sometimes as early as February; however this can also create a "false spring" and can harm flowers, trees, and crops if we experience a prolonged temperature freeze after blooming has begun. 

    What is your favorite season or month? If April showers do bring May flowers, what do January showers bring? I know alot of hope January showers bring us snow days. What about November showers? Think about the different seasons and come up with your own phrases based upon what kind of showers different months could bring. 


    Have an awesome weekend...until Monday!

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  • Thought Provoking Thursday

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 4/30/2020

    This post is thought provoking, throwback, and thankful all at the same time. First, I am thankful that we will be together agian one day soon, but this got me thinking (thought provoking) and remembering (throwback). Oh, and you all know how much I love to wonder.... I wonder, how many of you have enjoyed learning from home? Do you enjoy virtual learning and classrooms? If you could chose to learn this way next school year would you?

    As a teacher, I would not choose to teach virtually everyday. I desperately miss my face-to-face daily interactions with students and my Hickory Flat coworkers. I miss our opportunities to build community through our Wildcat Way, our innovation stations, and all the ways we are able to learn from each other every day. I miss you!

    If you could design your learning and classroom what would it look like? What would be different and what would stay the same? I know I have loved connecting with you all through this blog and through the remote learning challenges. I definitely will incorporate these into my instruction next year. I have also enjoyed being in charge of my own learning. For the last 28 days I have tried to learn something new each day. I have participated in webinars (classes for adults) and added to my technology toolkit. If I designed my own classroom the one thing that would stay the same is all of you! To be able to see your faces, to be able to be in your presence, and to be able to interact with you at our home at the Flat!



    Until tomorrow....let me know what your thoughts

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  • Let's Correspond

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 4/29/2020

    In today's read aloud Bat asks his teacher, Mr. Grayson, for help finding Dr. Jerry Dragoo, world skunk expert. I love that Mr. Grayson immediately stops what he is doing to help Bat find Dr. Jerry Dragoo's contact information. They discover that Dr. Dragoo is a professor at a university and Mr. Grayson encourages Bat to send him an email. Mr. Grayson offers to type the email for Bat, but we learn in this chapter that Bat likes to send emails. He emails his grandmother every month. I thought this was interesting because at the beginning of the novel Bat shares that Janie can "do all the hand things better than" he can. Typing is a "hand thing"; however this is a hand activity Bat feels he is good at. I love that!

    Today is not just wacky Wednesday, but write about it Wednesday. Take some time today to write a letter to someone. Letters come in many different forms. Letters can be simple notes, handmade cards, and emails to name a few. Letters usually start with a greeting, the middle is the information you want to share, and end with a closing salutation. You might choose to write to a family member or friend you have not seen in a while. You may choose to write a letter to teacher or a maybe you want to send an email to someone who can answer a question about something you are curious about.

    Below you will find an example of a letter I have written to you.

    Dear Wildcats, 

    I hope you all are doing well and I want you all to know I miss you so much. I love writing this daily blog each day because it is an opportunity for me to reach out and hopefully connect with you all each day.  I hope you all are enjoying your time at home and learning new things. I also hope you are reading each and every day! 

    I cannot wait until we are all back at the Flat, but until then please reach out to me if I can do anything to help.


    Mrs. McDonald



    Until tomorrow...write and then write some more!

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  • Are you learning how to learn?

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 4/28/2020

    While we are apart right now I am working very hard to make sure I learn new things I can share with you when we return the Flat. I have participated in several webinar's to learn about new Web tools and I have learned how technology can help us enhance, extend, and engage our learning. I have read lots of great books, including those for next year's Reading Bowl. I have also had the opportunity to do things I normally do not have the time to do. For example, I have really enjoyed writing this blog each day and finding fun daily challenges for all of us to do. I think my favorite so far was yesterday's Choose Your Own Adventure story. I learned so much about how I can use Google Forms in a creative way. How have you used this time of remote learning? Have you learned something new that you may not have had the time to learn before? I would love to know how you are spending time learning new things.


    Until tomorrow...learn something new!

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  • #OneBookConnects Week 2 Contest Activities

    Posted by Kim McDonald on 4/27/2020

    Today marks week 2 of our #OneBookConnects read aloud of A Boy Called BAT. I hope you are enjoying the read aloud and the activities that go with the chapters. In chapter 13, "What's in a Name" we discover what the Tam family decides to name the kit. Is there an interesting story about our name? Are you named after someone special? Today's #OneBookConnects contest activity encourages you to share about your name you can upload a short video to Facebook or Twitter using the #OneBookConnects and #ABoyCalledBAT, also include the handles @readtothem and @hfemiway. You can also access other fun activities at Read to Them's Pinterest page. Read to Them has uploaded several activities you can print out and if you complete and share you can receive 500 points for each activity! 

    Week 2

    Week 2


    Until tomorrow...can you think of a book that celebrates names?

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