• 12th Grade British Literature

    Shakespeare Meme  
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    Test Corrections Dates:

    Please be on time, otherwise you will not be permitted to participate.

    Students may opt to correct assessments- quizzes and tests within that term. 

    Basically one assessment per term can be corrected for a higher grade. You may not participate in test corrections if you do not make an attempt on the assessment.

    If you are disruptive, I will ask you to leave. Please be sure to work the entire time. Please be mindful of all of this information.

    Mrs. Thompson-Smith will inform you of how many points you can earn based on the assessment you choose to correct.
    Ferguson Article of the Week (AoW) in color
    Course Syllabus (CLICK HERE) and Policies and Procedures are HERE.

    CCGPS (Common Core Georgia Performance Standards) for British Literature


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    Instructional Support Websites include:

       1.  Quizlet Brit. Lit. Terms

       2.  Vocabulary or Vocab Ahead

       3.  NewsELA (leveled articles)

    Check out the following links/resources:

       1.  No Red Ink (help for grammar and writing)

       2.  SAT Question of the Day (prepare for college)

       3.  ACT Question of the Day (prepare for college)

       4.  Brainpop