• Dear Parents,


    Welcome to second grade!  I am happy to have your child in my class and look forward to an exciting year.


    Here are a few supplies your child will need.

    2  Composition Notebooks

    2  Spiral Notebooks
    4   Pencils, 12 count, #2
    1   Scissors, pointed tip with plastic handle
    2   Crayons, 24 count
    2   White glue, 4 oz, washable

    4   glue sticks
    1   Highlighter

    Ear buds for technology use

    Wish List

    1. individually wrapped candy
    2. paper towels
    3. Clorox / Lysol wipes
    4. Glue sticks
    5. Visa-a-Vis (overhead markers)
    6. eraser caps
    7. regular baby wipes
    8. gallon size baggies/sandwich size baggies
    9. Handheld pencil sharpener
    10. Playground Balls


    *A white 3-ring binder has been provided for your child.  This binder will always have your child’s communication folder and notebook paper! It will also be their data notebook with their behavior self-reflection sheet.  It is to go home every afternoon and return to school each morning.


    *I would prefer no rolling book bags. This is a safety hazard!


    Loving your kids,

    Mrs. Pipkin








    Welcome to Second Grade


    Dear Parents,


    To help organize your child for second grade I have listed a few guidelines.  Please refer to these from time to time.


    Personal ItemsPlease do not allow your child to bring toys, games, radios, collectable cards, stickers, etc. to school.  All too often these things are lost or broken, causing problems for all of us.  Thank You!


    Technology–  Each child will receive their own technology this school year. Please have your child bring in their own pair of earbuds to use with technology tools.  They can keep these in their pencil boxes. We are not responsible if these items are stolen or lost.


    GradesSecond Grade will be using a report card based on Performance Levels on a 100 point scale.  Students will be assessed each nine weeks in the areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies using the Georgia Standards of Excellence and Georgia Performance Standards.  Academic Progress will be rated Exemplary (EX) 90-100%, Proficient (PR) 80-89%, Approaching (AP) 74-79%, Limited Progress (LP) 70-73%, and Insufficient Progress (IP) below 70%.


    Communication – I will communicate with you through my webpage, Class Dojo, and my class Facebook page.  Please go to Mrs. Pipkin’s Pink Panthers to like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Mrs-Pipkins-Pink-Panthers-237952286811877/?ref=bookmarks. A gray communication folder will come home every day.  Please look at this folder daily and check your child’s daily behavior and their monthly Class Dojo graph.  Please send any notes back to school in this folder.


    HomeworkHomework this year will consist of completing assignments on Odysseyware (an online platform to practice standards based from your child’s MAP scores), reading nightly for Accelerated Reader (AR) and Math assignments. More information will come home about how to operate the Odysseyware website, the AR website and the Math website. I am not requiring any written homework to be turned in this year. All homework will be online, unless otherwise notified.


     TestsStudying for a test could fall on any night.  All material for tests are covered in class, therefore studying should be a review unless your child has been absent.  Spelling and Vocabulary tests will be on Fridays.  Study guides are provided for Science and Social Studies.


     Weekly Progress ReportsI will send graded papers, letters, and communication home in a green folder most every Monday.  Please review grades, papers, and communication that night.  Please sign the weekly progress report each week.  You may want to review any weak areas with your child.  Please return the empty folder on Tuesday. I will need a parent volunteer to help me file papers for the communication folder.  Please let me know if you are available.


    TransportationIf your child’s transportation plans change, even for one day, please send a handwritten note.  Please do not send an email as I do not check emails most days until after school is over. This is very important for the safety of your child and is school policy.


     Snack/Lunch Money – Our class will be going to lunch from 11:26 – 11:56.  To make it easier for you and your child, you may prepay for lunch.  Student Breakfast costs $1.15.  Student lunch costs $2.40. Extra milk is $0.30 cents.

    Ice Cream can be purchased daily for $1.00.  If your child purchases ice cream, please understand it is a separate account and must be paid by the student daily.  Students may bring a snack to school each day.  It is your child’s responsibility to bring a snack each day.  I will only provide a snack on the first day of school.  Please let me know if your child has a food allergy. 


     Specials – 9:11-9:56

    • Monday – Media Guidance
    • Tuesday – P.E. (Please wear tennis shoes)
    • Wednesday – Music
    • Thursday – Art
    • Friday – Technology


    Birthdays You will not be able to send in any food for your child’s birthday celebration this year.


    DisciplineOur class behavior management system will be Class Dojo this year.  I send class reminders and class stories through Class Dojo also. Please connect to Class Dojo.  The login information is in this packet.


    In closing, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I appreciate your support and anticipate an exciting and rewarding year!


    Loving your kids,                                   

    Mrs. Pipkin 























    Dear Parents,


    I am very pleased to have your child in my class, and I am looking forward to a very positive year.  In order to provide your child with the most positive and comfortable environment, we have enforced these lifelong guidelines, rewards, and consequences.


    Learner Behaviors and Work Standards

    1. Follows Rules
    2. Listens to and follows directions
    3. Asks questions and seeks help when needed
    4. Stays on task
    5. Completes work thoughtfully
    6. Takes care of school and personal property
    7. Works independently at appropriate times
    8. Demonstrates behavior that promotes learning
    9. Completes assignments in a timely manner
    10. Contributes appropriately as a group member


    1. Class Dojo Points      
    2. Verbal/Non-verbal praise
    3. Treasure box
    4. Treat jar
    5. Free time
    6. HAPPY note/phone call home
    7. Coupons

    Possible Consequences

    1. Warnings
    2. Loss of Class Dojo Points
    3. Signing the responsibility log (Oops Book)
    4. Loss of free time or playground
    5. Silent lunch
    6. Action Plan returned with parent signature
    7. Office Referral


    You will be notified on the weekly progress report of any problems.  If I feel you should be notified right away, I will call you.  I make every effort to treat each child with dignity and respect while tailoring the consequences to the individual child and situation.


    I am looking forward to working with you in making this your child’s best year ever!  Remember weekly reports will come home in the MONDAY green folder. 


    Please review this information with your child and discuss it together.  Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation.


                                                                                                    Loving Your Kids,

                                                                                                    Mrs. Pipkin