• The educator's certification level is 4 effective 07/01/2006.

    Type Field First Issued Current Issued Begin Validity End Validity
    SRT ESOL ENDORSEMENT [FLD825] 08/02/2006  12/10/2015  07/01/2016  06/30/2021 
    SRT EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION (P-5) [FLD808] 08/02/2006  12/10/2015  07/01/2016  06/30/2021 
    The Standard Professional teaching certificate is a Georgia professional certificate issued to educators who have completed all requirements for professional certification in a teaching field and applicable Special Georgia Requirements, but have not met experience requirements for the Performance-Based Professional certificate or are not evaluated on the statewide evaluation system. Educators who are not evaluated on the statewide evaluation system are evaluated by a school, district, or agency approved evaluation system. 
    Ms. Dena  M.  Hampson 
    PSC Account Number:  691600


Last Modified on August 3, 2017