• Welcome Class of 2021!


    Welcome to the Literatures of the British Empire. 
    In this course you will study both traditional British Isles literature from the canon as well as more modern and contemporary voices of the British Empire. You will use the literature as a cornerstone of your thinking and learning as a human and as a 21-century world citizen. 
    In this class you will have voice and choice of books that you will read outside of our class texts. So for example, while you're reading excerpts of Beowulf in class, you will be reading novels of your own choosing outside of class. Maybe you want to read the new Jesmyn Ward book, Where the Line Bleeds or maybe you're interested in Margaret Atwood's long awaited sequel, The Testaments or maybe after the pandemic you are on a dystopian kick and want to read Orvwell's novel, 1984-- either way, you all will have a chance to CHOOSE the types of books you read outside of class, because good reading leads to good writing and good writing leads to good thinking and thinking changes the world! 
    Please make sure to utilize Google CR for all of your assignments. I can't wait to read, write and think with you!  

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