How can I support my child at home?

    Ask questions. Your students should be able to walk you through their individual STING Plans and explain what they are working on in each class. Your students should also be able to tell you about their data and how it shapes the goals they are making for themselves in each class. 

    Parents will also need to monitor their child's progress through Infinite Campus on a regular basis. Additionally, parents are encouraged to use our school website to obtain valuable resources and information about our classes and programs. If there is everything something you need but don't feel you have access to please contact the school.

    What are some of the technology resources my child will be using at HMS?

    Going 1:1 last year has opened a world of resources for us! There are a variety of online resources that students will be using to enhance instruction as well as to use for research and inquiry about various topics. Ask your child or their teacher which resources are being used most frequently in their classes

    Where can I go to find more information about Henry County Schools' vision for Personalized Learning?
    You can visit the HCS Personalized Learning Page: https://schoolwires.henry.k12.ga.us/Page/60175