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    Middle East:
    1. Middle Grades Govt Vocab
    2. Middle Grades Econ Vocab
    3. Middle Grades Econ Vocab 2
    4. US Involvement in the Mid East
    5. History of Mid East 1
    6.  Conflicts in the Mid East

    1. Africa History 
    2. Geography of Africa 
    3.  Middle Grades Econ Vocab
    4.  Middle Grades Econ Vocab2
    5. African Ethnic Groups 
    6.  Religions of Africa and some vocab 
    7. Africa History
    South and South East Asia:


    1. Climates/ecosystems South and SouthEast Asia 
    2.  Physical Features of Southeast Asia 
    3.  Physical Features of South Asia 
    4.  Religions of SE Asia 
    5.  Independence Struggles in Southeast Asia 
    6.  Cultural Characteristics of South and Southeast Asia 
    7.  Natural Resources and Economies of South Asia
    8.  Environmental Issues in South and Southeast Asia
    9.  History of Asia: Formation of Modern China 
    10.  Political Geography of Central and East Asia 
    11.  History of South Asia: Impact of Colonialism 
    12.  Political Geography of South and Southeast Asia 
    13.  The Japanese Miracle 
    14.  Middle Grades Econ Vocab 
    15.  Middle Grades Econ Vocab2 
    16.  The Korean War 9 terms
    17.  Physical Features of South and Southeast Asia and Climates/ecosystems 
    18.  Economies of China, India, Japan, and North Korea 
    19.  Natural Resources and Economies of East Asia