• UPDATE 8/4/15: I have uploaded the instructional videos in a quicktime format.  If you do not have quicktime on your computer please download it from the internet.  Quicktime movies are not compatible in the Google Chrome browser.  I have also uploaded the videos to my Google Drive.  You can access the videos also by using the following link: Google Drive - Click Here.  Remember to move past the tutorial videos, attach a blank Word document.
    Below you will find 3 very important videos that will help you find success with your Science course with Impact Academy.  Please ensure that you watch the videos pertinent to your course(s).
    Introduction Video (All Science Classes)
    Lab Report Tutorial (Biology Classes Only)
    • The video describes how to complete the lab reports in the course, once you get to the various labs embedded within the course.
    Teaching My Parents Tutorial (Biology Classes Only)
    • The video shows you how to complete the teaching my parents assignments embedded within your course.