• I am Mrs. Nalini Chaganti.

    I am married for 31 years. I am originally from India. Our family moved to United States 15 years back. Ever since I have been working for Henry County. I have Masters degree in Mathematics. I have two  bachelors degree's. One in Math and other in  Education. The only profession I know is Teaching Math. I have 30 years of experience in Teaching Math. I taught all levels of Math in High School. 

    My husband is a Physics person and has a Phd in Physics from GSU. We have two children . Our daughter graduated from Georgia Tech in Computer Science and currently working for Amazon Company at Seattle. Our Son graduated from Georgia State University in Computer Science and currently working as software enggineer at Home Depot company.  Our entire family is a Math and Science family.   
    Teaching is a passion for me. I am an expertise in my Subject Knowledge, and I implement technology in my teaching methods.
    I believe that discipline ,attitude, patience and time management are the major steps  to be successful  everywhere in life.