• I am Mrs. Nalini Chaganti. I am married for 26 years. I am originally from India. Our family moved to United States 10 years back. Ever since I have been working for Henry County. I have Masters degree in Mathematics. I have two  bachelors degree's. One in Math and other in  Education. The only profession I know is Teaching Math. I have 26 years of Teaching Math. I taught all levels of Math in High School. 

    My husband is a Physics person. We have two children , Our daughter graduated from Georgia Tech in Computer Science and currently working for Amazon Company at Seattle. Our Son is a Junior at Georgia State University, majoring in Computer Science. Our ebtire family is a Math and Science family.   
    Teaching is a passion for me. I am an expertise in my Subject Knowledge, and I implement technology in my teaching methods.
    I believe that discipline ,attitude and time management are the major steps  for learning.