• PE  

    Greetings Parents,

    As we begin the new school year, I am excited about all of the wonderful activities and games that will occur in Physical Education.  This year your students will be coached by Michael Pietrowski (Coach P.) and I am honored to be your child’s PE instructor at Flippen.  My mission is to teach the importance of exercise, and motivate students to participate in a lifetime of physical activity by exploring all avenues for health awareness and wellness.  In order for students to have the best PE experience possible here are a few things that you need to know and ways you can help:

    ·         It is very important for each student to be prepared for class and dressed in the proper gym attire when coming to PE.  Please help your child remember his/her PE schedule and to dress accordingly. Wearing tennis shoes is a must for your child’s safety and success. Please remember “No Crocs, No Flops, and No Boots.”  Also, if your daughter wears a dress on PE day, please have her wear a pair of shorts. It is very important for all students to be “dressed for success” on PE day. I encourage students to keep play shoes at school for Recess and Gym.

    ·         As a part of each child’s P.E. program, all schools throughout the state of Georgia will be participating in the FITNESSGRAM fitness assessment designed to measure health-related fitness for youth in grades two through twelve.  Kindergarten and First grade students will be assessed on the chosen assessment per county requirements.

    ·         Leading up to the FITNESSGRAM assessment those classes will be spending a portion of their class time practicing the various areas of the FITNESSGRAM assessment.  Each student will be assessed using the following assessment components: PACER, Curl-Up, Push-Up, Back-Saver Sit and Reach, Height/Weight. I ask that you encourage your child to participate with his/her best effort and to the best of his/her ability.

    ·         For more information regarding the FITNESSGRAM assessment, please go to the Georgia Department of Education and do a search for Fitnessgram.

    ·         You are more than welcome to come and visit during your child’s class time. Your kids would love for you to see them during P.E. but remember your gym shoes and to complete the observation form in the front office for administrator approval.

    ·         PE homework is given every day, 60 Min of play a day!

    A confidential FITNESSGRAM report will go home with each student with their final report card.  This report will include each child’s scores and information on the FITNESSGRAM Healthy Fitness Zones.  The Healthy Fitness Zone represents the level of fitness needed for good health.  This report will also provide families with suggestions and resources to support the needs of each individual student.  It is truly my pleasure to teach your children. If you have questions please contact me anytime mpietrowski@henry.k12.ga.us or visit Coach Pietrowski’s teacher site located on the Flippen webpage for other PE related updates. Have a healthy and fun year! Go Falcons!

    I Have PE on _____________________________________ day.

    Healthfully Yours,


    Coach Pietrowski