• Guidelines for Henry County Bus Stops


    Henry County Schools Transportation Services follows the following guidelines to assign bus stops. Safety, location and accessibility for multiple students are considered for each stop.


    ·        First and foremost, all students MUST be at their assigned bus stop five (5) minutes prior to their bus arrival time.

    ·        Streets must be at least .3 of a mile long and have a safe turn around for the bus before we will enter.

    ·        For new developments construction must be at least 80% complete before Henry County Schools Transportation will allow a bus to enter the development. Until then, the stop will be at the entrance of the development. Transportation will survey the development to determine if a bus can enter and exit safely.

    ·        If the street is .3 of a mile or longer. Stops will be added every .3 of a mile or at the closest intersection if a turnaround is available.

    ·        Turn around must be clear of all obstructions (Basketball goals, vehicles, trash cans, Etc.) If at any time the bus cannot safely or adequately turn around the stop will be moved to the next closest turn around.

    ·        Any student that lives on a main road will be picked up and dropped off at the end of their driveway. If two or more students live next door to each other and live on a main road there will be one stop to service all students.

    ·        If a student lives on a highway or high speed road the stop will be at their address as a right hand pick up and drop off.

    ·        At no time should a student cross more than two lanes of traffic. Deceleration lanes are considered lanes.(entrance to a neighborhood or business)

    ·        All stops should have at least 12 feet of safe distance for the students to wait on the bus.

    ·        If a registered sex offender lives near an assigned bus stop that requires the students to cross the properties path, stops will be added in order to prevent students from coming into contact with the registered sex offender’s residence.

    ·        There should be at least 200 feet of sight distance for approaching vehicles at a bus stop. If not, then the stop will be moved to the next safest location.

    ·        No stop should be placed in a curve or over a hill where there is no sight clearance.

    ·        Drivers should bring any stop in question to their Supervisor or Route Planning.