ABC's to connecting HOME & SCHOOL

  • A          Ask questions whenever you have concerns, no matter how small.

    B          Build your child’s confidence with regular communication.

    C          Clarify language you don’t understand.

    D          Dive deeper into your child’s schoolwork and understand what’s going on.

    E           E-mail your child’s teacher, counselor or principal.

    F           Follow up with school staff.

    G         Gather information on how WLE works.

    H         Have patience when trying to reach teachers.

    I           Inform your school and teacher about issues important to your child.

    J           Join PTO and School Council or mentor, volunteer.

    K          Keep up to date on technology.

    L           Let teachers and principals know that you appreciate good communication.

    M          Meet people whenever you can.

    N          Never go away feeling confused.

    O          Organize your thoughts and questions before attending school meetings.

    P           Provide a good example with good communication.

    Q          Question school officials about special programs that are available for your child.

    R           Read and respond to those many notices your child brings home.

    S           Spend time learning with your child.

    T           Thank everyone for sharing. (your child and school).

    U           Understand school rules — and why they’re important.

    V           Voice your concerns only with people who can your solve your problem.

    W         Wade through the red tape if it appears.

    X          X-out what isn’t crucial when communicating with school officials. 

    Y          Yearn to help others to help your child succeed.

    Z          Zero in on the positive messages essential to a great school experience.





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