Parents / Guardian, 
    At any given moment there are an estimated 50,000 predators on line looking for potential victims, this number is EXTREMELY ALARMING which is why we have to work together to ensure our children are safe while surfing the web.  
    • Place the computer in an area where you can easily see the activity. 
    • Set time restraints allowing a child to browse the internet hour after hour is not safe.
    • Check the history frequently or install tracking so that you have the ability to monitor what your child is doing.   
    • Spend time with your child online, this is a way to spend quality time together and he/she understands the safest way to explore on the the internet.   
    • Teach you child to report such activity in which they feel uncomfortable viewing or do not understand, so that you can provide a clear explanation of the content and why they should refrain from such browsing addresses.  
    • Teach children not to open emails from individuals or groups they do not know in person and that you have approved.  
    • Make sure that children understand they are to NEVER share personal information over the internet. 
    • Check privacy settings on social networking sites frequently to ensure that children are communicating with people they actually know including Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat,  Twitter, KIK, hang-out etc.  
    The final two TIPS are VERY important.
    Educate your child, whatever is posted online is there FOREVER!!! They should never post anything online that you would not approve no matter how innocent they think the photo, comment or attachment may be.  
    NEVER EVER MEET ANYONE IN PERSON THEY MET ONLINE without a parent or guardian being present.