THANKS for Being on TIME!!

  • Your child's consistent attendance at school is extremely important to all of us at Wesley Lakes Elementary.  Punctual attendance is an essential habit to develop and nurture and is critical to your child's academic and social success at school.  

     For the 2018-2019 school year Wesley Lakes Elementary School challenges you and your child to strive for perfect attendance. Please partner with us in having your child arrive at school on time and to strive for perfect attendance.

     Please have your child at school before the tardy bell rings so he/she may be in class joining in with classroom activities.  

    1. Students may arrive at school as early as 7:15. 
    2. Breakfast is served from 7:15 - 7:30. 
    3. Students who arrive after 7:45 must be accompanied by an adult to sign in at the front office.

     If your child is absent upon return to school, please provide a note to his/her teacher with the following ,information:

    1.  Your child's name
    2.  The date of the absence
    3. The reason for the absence
    4.  Parent signature & contact number  

     If you follow these instructions, your student will be marked absent for the day, but the absence will be excused.  Otherwise, your student’s attendance record will be documented with an unexcused absence.  Students who have more than three unexcused absences will receive a letter indicating that the accumulation of unexcused days.  

     There will be NO check-outs after 2PM unless pre-approved with the office.