• Play a game of chess!

    Play a game of chess!

    Click on this link to access some great articles about the latest research on why kids should be playing chess!!

    The research is in: PLAYING CHESS IS ONE OF THE MOST BENEFICIAL ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN!!! Please take a few minutes to read some of the articles you can access by clicking on the link above to see the many, many benefits for kids who play chess! You'll be glad you did!!

    Be sure your child is playing a game of chess with family and friends! If you don't play and there is no one in your family who does play, you can find many online chess games for kids along with lots of chess apps. Just be sure the games/apps are for kids. Many computers already have a chess playing program pre-loaded, so make sure your child is playing somehow, someway! Research says kids who play chess do better in school and life, so encourage your child to play every day!

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