National History Honor Society

  • The National History Honor Sociey recognizes and promotes scholarship and enjoyment of the Social Sciences.


    To be eligible a student must:

    •         take one or more Honors, or Advanced Placement course in the Social Sciences
    •         have a GPA of 3.5 or higher in their Social Science course work,
    •         demonstrate commitment to the history or the social sciences via activity (National History Day, Mock Trial, Social Science Fair, SGA, MARC, etc.)


    Members can be inducted beginning Spring of their Freshman year.


     A student each year will be recognized as the National History Student of the Year.


    Members in good standing at graduation are eligible to purchase and wear the designated National History Honor Society cord. .


    Good standing will be based on attendance at monthly meetings, participation in society activities every semester, continued achievement in the Social Sciences, and payment of annual dues.


Last Modified on May 30, 2018