• Cubihatcha Outdoor Education Center

    Built in 1999, the Cubihatcha Outdoor Education Center is a wetland enhancement and protection corridor created to improve and protect existing wildlife habitats, while also providing an avenue for public education and enjoyment.

    The Henry County Water Authority (HCWA) developed this area as part of a wetland mitigation plan during construction of our reservoir system.  The center encompasses almost 1,000 contiguous acres of bottomland, hardwood, and forested wetlands and uplands, which are typical features of our Piedmont area.
    Being situated between three of the county's reservoirs enables the HCWA to protect the valuable and diverse fish and wildlife habitats of the area.  Cubihatcha also aids in the protection of high water quality.  Aside from the limited clearing of trees and the construction of raised wooden boardwalks, the trails, and outdoor classrooms, the area has been left in its natural state.

    Cubihatcha Kids

    Every fall, the number of visitors to Cubihatcha expands dramatically, as the site utilizes its outdoor classrooms for more than 3,000 local 3rd grade students from Henry County Public Schools.  Called the "Cubihatcha Kids," their visits are made possible by the hard work of the Henry County Outdoor Education Partnership, a collaboration among the Henry County Water Authority, the Henry County Board of Education, and many other local and regional sponsors. 

    While on site, the 3rd graders spend the day exploring topics like the ecology of watersheds, characteristics of water, the role of reservoirs, storm water runoff and pollution, and the wildlife that populate the area.