• World Geography Syllabus

    Course Description:  The World Geography course provides students with a comprehensive, intensive study of major events and themes the world. 


    Absences/Tardiness:  Students please refer to the Henry County Student Handbook explaining tardiness and absenteeism.  Excessive absences will severely hinder your success, so you should come to class.


    Make-Up Work:  *Students are responsible for making sure they receive any assignments he/she misses when absent from class.* I will not chase you down to get YOUR work to you. Students who need to make up tests, quizzes, or other major assignments are to make arrangements to make up the assignment within a timely manner adhering to the Henry County Student Handbook.   If you should have any concerns about the make-up work policy, please refer to the Henry County Student Handbook.


    Late-Work: Students are allowed to turn in late work for partial credit. Late work CANNOT be turned in incomplete or it will be given back until it is done correctly.


    Grading Scale:  Below is my Letter Grade Scale, which I may occasionally use to grade an assignment.  This will allow you to translate letters into numbers.


                A   100-90

                B   89-80

                C 79-74

                D 73-70

                F 69-below


    How you will be graded:  

    Test and projects – 60%

    Daily Work/ Quizzes 40%               

    Final Exam    20%


    Discipline:  Please refer to the Henry County Student Handbook where it discusses discipline and student expectations. 


    Classroom rules: 

                                  1. Be on time for class.

                                2. Bring all materials to class.

                                  3. Be Respectful to others.

                                  4. No talking while the teacher is talking.

                                  5. Do NOT use electronic devices in class. (cell phone, mp3’s, or cameras)


     My Expectations: As young adults, it is expected to act like young adults and not like elementary children. With that being said, all types of disrespect, whether towards me or other classmates, WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. I expect each student to make wise and mature choices regarding academic and classroom conduct. I will hold all of my students to the highest of expectations.


    Disciplinary Action will be taken as follows:

    First Offense:

    Verbal Warning

    Second Offense:

    One - on - One Conference

    Third Offense:

    Detention with Teacher* AND Parent Contact

    Fourth Offense:

    Administrative Referral

    *Note:  Some offenses will automatically receive an administrative referral.  See the Henry County Student Handbook for further information.  I will more than likely place students in detention before giving a referral. Failing to attend a detention with me WILL RESULT IN AN ADMINISTRATIVE REFERRAL.


    Required Materials:  The following materials are required for class, students are expected to have these materials daily.

    Loose Leaf Binder

    Notebook Paper - College ruled paper is preferred.

    Ink Pen and Pencil – (Blue or Black Ink ) 

            Additional Materials need for class: Makers and colored pencils.

    In-Class ASSIGNMENTS:  Students will be required to complete in class assignments in a timely manner.  In class assignments will include but are not limited to quizzes, notebook checks, essays, word walls and test.

    Out of Class Assignments:  Out of class assignments will include but are not limited to essays, research assignments, long term assignments or study guides.

    Contact Information – Should your parents or legal guardian  need to contact me throughout the school year, they may call the school at (770)-957-3943 and reach me during 3rd period planning.  If parents wish to have a conference, please contact the counseling office or through my school email address Tia.Griffin@Henry.K12.Ga.US.