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    Academy for Advanced Studies Syllabus Sample

    Instructor; Bert Allie

    Course Name; Automotive

                               Basic Maintenance and Light Repair

    E-Mail; bert.allie@henry.k12.ga.us

    Course description;

    Automotive Maintenance and light repair consists of both classroom and hands on experience in the shop. Students will be expected to be proficient in safety procedures, including usage of shop tools and lifting devices. Having an accident free workplace is our ultimate goal and everyone must apply themselves for us to reach our goal.  All safety studies will be completed prior to student working in the live shop. Safety test scores must be 90% or greater to pass system test.  There are also key questions on the test that must be answered correctly to pass test regardless of other correct answers. Eye protection is a safety requirement for admission to the shop. Secure hair and Jewelry for lab/shop activities. Students will be trained in proper tool usage and cleaning of tools and equipment.  Keeping classroom and shop clean shall be an ongoing operation.  Both classroom and shop shall be kept clean by the students.  Time shall be allotted at the end of each day to pick up and clean facility.  Students shall be taught the procedure to read shop manuals and prints.  Course shall contain studies of all phases of maintenance and hands on shall include repair and studies of brakes, tires and basic electrical operations.





    Course Rationale;

    In the world in which we live the automobile is a key element in our lives.  There will always be a need for those whose career includes the ability to service and repair these machines.

    Textbooks; Shop Manuals and other established training guides will be used as the guide for class operation.  Vehicle manufacturer guidelines will be used with all testing equipment.  Live vehicles and training boards will be used in the shop for testing and actual repairs.

    Goals; This Automotive course is designed to be the base for entry level technician or to be used as foundation of study to become a master technician or engineering student. Students will be given two days to determine if they feel they are not suited for the course.  The Instructor will also be allowed two days to decide if a student has the interest and desire to complete the automotive course. In making this determination the instructor shall review the student’s academic history as well as interviewing the student as to their goals and ambitions.  Classroom behavior and student ambition shall also be considered. We also expect to put together a team to compete in the SKILLS USA and possibly other contest to show case our students and program.






    Student Responsibilities;

    ·       Each student is expected to be in class and prepared for the day’s activities when second bell sounds.

    ·       Back packs are not allowed in the shop and when working in the classroom they shall be stored in designated area.

    ·       Students shall follow the guidelines in the student handbook.

    ·       When a student is assigned to a particular area or work group they shall remain in that area with work group until instructor moves them to another assignment or class is over.

    ·       Electronic devices are to be in the classroom for educational purposes only with the express permission of the teacher. Cell phones/I pods/Headphones or Headsets are not part of this class study.  Electronic devices shall be kept out of sight and turned off unless instructed otherwise by the teacher.

    ·       Restroom breaks should be taken between classes.

    ·       No Food/Drinks allowed in classroom or shop. Safety is the number one priority.

    ·       Any student caught removing tools, equipment/materials and or destroying tools/equipment or material shall be sent to an administrator for disciplinary action.

    ·       Each student is expected to share ideas with other class members and work as a team on certain projects.

    ·       Students are expected to follow all safety and good conduct guidelines.

    ·       There are lockers for your personal gear and/or clothing.  You must supply your own lock.


    Materials for class; All student shall be supplied a folder for note taking and to be stored in a file cabinet.  These notes will be used by the students for some of the test assessments.  No person other than the note taker shall be allowed to use these notes.  These notes will checked and a grade will be entered based on the quality and quanity of the notes.  Students shall furnish a pencil and writing material for notes and reference.   Files shall be used for storage of handouts and note keeping.


    All homework and assignments must be turned on due date for full credit.

    Homework and assignments turned in one day late shall be graded at half credit.

    No homework or assignment is accepted more than three days late unless covered by attendance policy or Board of Education rules.

    Daily work and class participation 40%

    Projects and tests 40%

    End of Course exam shall be 20% of grade.



    Make up Work or Projects;

    Make up work is responsibility of student.  The student will be allowed 1 day for each day missed to get work completed. (Example if student misses 3 days they will be allowed 3 days to complete the make-up work.)


    Ending Class;

    All classroom and shop work shall end approximately five minutes before class ends.  This will give you time to clean tools and get everything properly stored. This includes all tools and material, this will be part of your everyday grade. When cleanup is over all students shall return to their assigned seats.







    Academy for Advanced studies Basic Maintenance and Light Repair.

    Course Syllabus page 5.


    The operating procedure as explained in the Henry county student Handbook shall be the guideline for this class.

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