• Instructor:  M. Starr

    Room # Weight Room                                                             Year:  2014-2015

    Course Name and Code:          3062.0                                    Semester: First and Second


    Supplementary Texts or Special Materials/Materials Needed: Shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt or sweatshirt, tennis shoes ands socks, pencil and paper.



    Course Description:  Students will learn proper lifting and spotting techniques as well as  benefits of weight training for over-all strength development.




    Weight Training Rules and Discipline Procedures:


    1. When the bell rings, the students have to be in the gym. Upon the first tardy, the student will begin the first step in a four step process leading to a Referral.  If the student is not out of the locker room dressed in approved attire they will receive a zero for no dress. The locker room will remain locked during the class period, unless directed by Administration.
    2. Students will dress out every day. Failure to dress out 3 times in 1 week will result in a referral and a courtesy call home.
    3. Dressing out includes, Top - ONLY  T-shirt with sleeves  BottomsONLY Shorts or Sweat pants  
    4. You may not wear tank tops, cutoffs, boxer shorts, cheerleader shorts, or cutoff shirts.  Your attire must meet the schools dress code.  Stockings, socks, bare feet, flip flops are not allowed.
    5. All personal business, bathroom, phone calls, etc…, should be taken care of before or after class. You will be given 6 minutes to dress in and dress out. Detentions will be given if the students are not dressed after the 6 minutes.
    6. The locker rooms will be locked during all periods. Only open at Administrations Request.
    7. Do not go to the locker rooms until instructed.  Remain inside the locker rooms after changing.  You are not allowed to leave this area until the dismissal bell rings.
    8. 1 day a week your class will complete bookwork.  Your instructor will let you know where and which day to report.
    9. You will be given a fitness test at the beginning, the middle and the end of the semester.
    10. You will be assigned a locker for your physical education clothes.  Do not share lockers; do not give out your combination.  VALUABLES MUST BE LOCKED IN A LOCKER OR LEFT AT HOME OR IN HALLWAY LOCKER.  SHS and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen property (money, cell phones, I-pods, etc….)
    11. You are not allowed to enter any physical education office unless instructed by your teacher.




    1. There will be no tolerance to damage to physical education material, fighting, abusive language and food and gum.
    2. Doctors excuses are the ONLY notes accepted. If a student is in the care of a doctor, they are unable to participate in class activities. Written work may be assigned.


    Make-up Policies: Students are responsible for making up all work by the end of the week.


    Grading System: 

    60%     Test or Summative Assessment/Major Projects

    40%     Class work, Daily Dress, and Formative Assessment

    15%    End of Course Test (EOCT is 15% of Total Grade)



    I have read and understand all of the objectives, requirements, and expectations for



    ____________________________ taught by _______________________.

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    Instructor:  M. Starr

    Room # : Trailer 912  Year:  2014-2015

    Course Name and Code:      Health 3012    Semester:        First and Second

    Textbooks Used:        Glencoe Health          Cost:   $25.00


    Supplementary Texts or Special Materials/Materials Needed:  ½ or 2 inch Binder/Paper, Blue or Black Pens.



    Course Description:  This program emphasizes the importance of responsible decision making to the student’s overall wellness.  The student will be provided with the most up-to-date information about critical health issues, and also a wealth of decision-making activities.

    Course Outline and Content:


    • Making Healthful Choices: Ch. 2
    • STD’s Ch. 29
    • HIV/AIDs Ch. 30
    • Choosing the best life-Sex Education
    • Alcohol: Ch. 25
    • ADAP
    • Managing stress in your life: Ch. 9
    • Nutrition and Your Health: Ch. 5
    • Tobacco: Ch. 24
    • Illegal Drugs: Ch. 26
    • Your Safety and Well Being: Ch. 34
    • Providing First Aid: Ch. 35


    Special Assignments and Projects:    


    Students will do a power point or poster presentations on chosen chapters.



    Classroom Rules and Discipline Procedures:

    1.  When the bell rings the students have to be inside the classroom and proceed to their assigned seat to begin the bellringer.

    2.   Raise your hand to speak. Respect!

    3.   Do not get out of your seat until the bell rings, unless have permission.

    4.   All personal business, bathroom, phone calls, etc…, should be taken care of before or after class. No cell phone or IPOD usage in class!

    5.   Check board for bell ringer, or assignment every day.


    7.   There will be no tolerance to damage to health material, fighting, abusive language and food and gum.


    8.   Do not write on any handout or test unless instructed.

    9.   Everyday, check around your desk for trash.

    10. You will have assigned seats.

    11.  No unrelated homework or reading material is allowed during class.

    12.  If a student wants to check-out a book, they must check the book out through their teacher and returned to their teacher.


    Make-up Policies:        Students are responsible for getting make-up work and completing the work in a timely manner. Check agenda after you return from absence. **The teacher does not give copies of worksheets. Ask a classmate and copy all questions.


    Grading System: 


    60%     Tests, Projects

    40%     Classwork, Quizzes

    15%     Final (Final is 15% of total grade)



    I have read and understand all of the objectives, requirements, and expectations for

    Health, taught by Coach Starr



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